As a small, entirely volunteer-run non-profit organization, we need the help of our community to continue to offer the critical programming we provide to our adult & youth members, to survivors of violence, and to people dealing with various mental health challenges.

You can support Underdogs Boxing Club through our GoFundMe campaign, via e-transfer to, or with a PayPal contribution.

Visit our Support Underdogs page to learn how you can become a sponsor.

Underdogs Boxing Club is a non-profit organization that uses recreational boxing to help individuals realize their strength, better understand the relationship between mind & body, and connect with others in a fully inclusive environment.

Underdogs Boxing Club is an inclusive space for cis and trans women, cis and trans men, and non-binary individuals. We are focused on providing safe class spaces where members can attend classes that best align with their gender identity and gender expression.

Our Vision

To empower individuals and foster social inclusion through recreational boxing.

Our Mission

  1. Teach individuals the fundamentals of boxing and in the process help them better understand the relationship between their minds and bodies.

  2. Promote community integration by providing opportunities for individuals from all walks of life to share recreational experiences with the added benefit of improving physical and mental wellbeing.

Our Values

Foster camaraderie and equality among community members from all walks of life.

Through recreational boxing, club members will realize their physical & emotional strength and resilience.

Community Integration
The camaraderie developed in the boxing club will help individuals engage as valuable and respected members in the wider community.

Provide access to physical activity for all members of the community to improve physical and mental wellbeing.