What can you expect at your first class?

We've been seeing a lot of new faces at Underdogs Boxing Club so far this month, and we couldn't be happier to have you all aboard.

Of course, before people come into the club, the first question they ask us is what they can expect, and we're finding that this question is usually borne out of a concern about their lack of boxing experience.

So, here's what you can expect at your first class at Underdogs Boxing Club:

  • You can come to any class with which you identify. So, if you're 15 years old or older, you would come to an All Genders - 15 years and up or a Women/Feminine-Identifying class. If you're between 5 years old and 14 years old, you would come to a Youth class.
  • We ask that you arrive about 10-15 minutes early, so that we have you complete some quick paperwork and show you around.
  • After you've warmed up (you choose your own warm up activities), we'll show you how to wrap your hands. We'll also walk you through this for a few more classes until you get the hang of how you prefer to wrap your hands.
  • We'll show you how to stand (which depends on if you're right-hand dominant or left-hand dominant) and then we'll teach you how to throw each of the punches.
  • You'll join everyone else in the workout that's scheduled for that day and one of the two coaches (Laura and Laura - that makes it easy, right?) will spend most of the workout with you (and anyone else who is new) to help you feel comfortable in throwing the punches and to work on your technique. (We spend time on technique to ensure that you're safe and because throwing better punches means more satisfying sounds when your gloves hit the heavy bag.)
  • At the end of each workout, there is usually (but not always) 12-15 minutes of strength and core work.

You don't need any equipment to start boxing at Underdogs. We have hand wraps and boxing gloves that you can borrow for your first class. After that, your own hand wraps are mandatory (ours are $15, no HST, because we're a non-profit), and you can borrow gloves from us for a few more classes, but when you decide that you're going to stick with it, we strongly recommend that you purchase your own gloves (ours are $67.50 or we can advise you on purchasing gloves elsewhere and what to look for).

Every workout is designed to give you the opportunity to have an intense workout. With that said, we encourage everyone to work at their own pace, especially as they get more comfortable with the technique.

Our 'adult' members range in age from 15 years old (our Youth program is for 5- to 14-year-olds) to 65 years old. Both women and men workout with us. People who have never boxed before or who have never been particularly fond of working out come to our classes. People who are seasoned gym-goers and have past fighting experience also join us regularly.

Underdogs truly is for everyone, and we know that you'll be happy with the coaching, the camaraderie, and the workout.

Laura Ip