Why train at Underdogs?

Underdogs Boxing Club is Niagara's first women-led boxing club. At present, 60% of our board of directors and 100% of our coaches are women. Whilst we are a women-led boxing club, we have classes and programming for everyone, including cis and trans women, cis and trans men, non-binary people, and youth aged 5 and up.

Underdogs and its coaches value inclusivity, empowerment, social inclusion, and health - both physical and mental. We deliver on those values through our classes, personal training, and day camps.

Our classes offer members a great workout that improves cardiovascular health and builds strength. More than that, though, is the camaraderie that exists among members. We laugh with each other and cheer each other on (and everyone pokes fun at Laura). People feel stronger; they feel welcome; and they like not only the workouts, but also each other.

Personal training at Underdogs offers a more personalized approach to reaching your goals. Some people are trying to lose weight; some are trying to get stronger; some are learning the sport because they want to fight; some are cross-training to enhance their performance in their primary sport; some are building confidence, self-esteem, and feelings of empowerment.

In our camps, we mix boxing with art. The kids spend half a day learning boxing skills and the other half of the day being creative through an arts-based activity. We believe it's important to provide kids with physical and creative outlets through which to express themselves. It's the perfect combination to benefit both physical and mental health and well-being.

No matter who you are or how you identify or what your fitness level/sport ability is, there is a place for you at Underdogs. Come visit us sometime to meet the coaches and try it out.

Laura Ip